Carol Vorderman And Gemma Collins Competed In A Butt Shaking Competion Last Night

Fans determined Carol won the ‘Butt Off’.

Here’s one for all you thirsty Carol Vorderman fans out there – don’t pretend you aren’t one of them, almost all of her content on here gets an incredible magnitude of hits – as the 60 year old former Countdown presenter decided to get into a butt shaking competition with none other than Gemma Collins last night.

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The results were posted on her Twitter account as the two women wiggled their butts for everyone out there to drool over, with many fans declaring that Carol was the undisputed victor. As you can imagine, the comments were all kinds of cringe – here are a few of the ‘best’:

I could go on for hours, but the point seems obvious by now: if you’re a single man then there really is no better prospect for you than shooting your shot at a famous celebrity on Twitter alongside a whole bunch of other losers. Proven to work every time, so I’m not sure why more people don’t try it?

Anyway, I don’t have a lot of experience in butt shaking competitions – I’ll be honest – but I think I agree that Carol won there because her butt seems to be moving way faster than Gemma’s. That might be because she’s wearing tight leather pants though and that accentuates the movement though – not sure if there should be some kind of dress code or uniform check for these kind of events in the future? Something to think about there though sure.

For more of the same, check out Carol saying that she has a number of younger lovers who she shags on the regular. Legend.


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