Carnage Park Is The New Pinnacle Of Tension And Horror Movies

Carnage Park

An ode to Grindhouse cinema.

Rising horror auteur Mickey Keating has created what he’s describing as an ode to Grindhouse cinema in his new movie Carnage Park.

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Everything about it is Grindhouse from the crazy plot – loosely summarised as ‘things go from bad to off the rails beserk in a matter of moments when two bank robbers and their hostage find themselves hunted by a deranged ex military sniper in his desert outpost’ – to its poster and even the trailer, which you can see below:

Looks intense huh? Sure, it looks like there are only about four people in the movie and it doesn’t really show you much of the action scenes, but it looks weird enough with all the imagery and that record player to be a real sleeper hit. That sniper guy in his full military gear looks really creepy too. Definitely one to look out for when it drops.

In the meantime, check out this horror movie about a blind guy trapping two would be robbers in his house and trying to kill them. Looks good as well.


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