Carmen Electra’s Name Searched On PornHub 1.7 Million Times Since Her Appearance On ‘The Last Dance’

She’s still got it.

48-year-old Carmen Electra doesn’t get mentioned often enough alongside Pamela Anderson, Cindy Crawford, Kelly Kapowski, and all the other elite babes of the 1990s. Well that’s about to change following her appearance on Netflix’s Chicago Bulls documentary ‘The Last Dance’, which not only reminded everybody she still exists but gave a new generation of viewers a look at one of the original stunners of the pre-Instagram era.

And wouldn’t you know it – Carmen Electra still looks great:

So great in fact that TMZ reached out to Pornhub to ask if they could check the stats and see whether Carmen’s appearance on The Last Dance had any effect on Pornhub searches.

Sure enough, after the episode was released on April 26th, searches for Carmen Electra surged to more than 1.7 million, compared to her daily average of just 1,500 searches. Holy crap!

The maddest part is that she’s never actually filmed a porn video, although I’m sure she’s done Playboy and may have gone topless on TV or film. Here she is absolutely slaying dudes in several TV shows throughout her career:

Again, 1.7 million vs 1,500 on a daily search and all because she popped up for an interview on The Last Dance. At 48 years of age no less! She may not have done much in recent years but that’s certified legend status indeed. Bravo, Carmen. Bravo!

As for what ex-boyfriend Dennis Rodman is up to now, he’s been busy turning himself into a real-life cyborg. Yikes!


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