A Cargo Ship Captain Got Drunk And Drove His Ship Into A Bridge



When it comes to getting drunk, most of us know that if we’re gonna be getting shitfaced then we definitely shouldn’t be getting behind the wheel of any vehicle and attempting to drive it, but apparently over in Korea not everyone is aware of this.

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To make matters even worse, the guy in this story isn’t even driving a car but a humongous cargo ship. For some reason when you watch the video below the ship keeps creeping up towards the bridge ever so slowly and you think that someone’s gonna realise their mistake and turn it around but no, it just keeps edging towards it slowly until they collide and the ship ends up getting destroyed. It’s pretty ridiculous.

I mean this is just completely ridiculous really isn’t it? Really dumb that this was allowed to happen.

Apparently the maximum blood alcohol limit for cargo ship operators is 0.03 percent, but the captain was tested and blew a 0.086 percent, which isn’t so hot is it? It’s not known if he was actually at the wheel of the ship when the crash happened or the exact circumstances of it, but one thing’s fro sure and that’s that he’s probably going to lose his job. Unlucky pal, but maybe look where you’re going next time.

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