Here’s Surveillance Footage Of The Car That Smashed Into The Second Floor Of A Building

Second Story Crash

You probably saw the photograph that you can see above buzzing around your social media feed over the weekend because it really is something worth sharing – how the hell does a car get stuck in that position?

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The only explanation that I could think of was some kind of Harry Potter hijinks, but it turns out that it was the actual result of a car crash and a video of just how this happened has now been released by the authorities to satisfy our inquiring minds. Looks like the car was driving way too fast and managed to run into a post/rail that somehow sent it flying up into the second floor of the building, kinda like something out of The Fast And The Furious.

Here’s a couple of different angles of it:

Yeah, OK it’s not the best footage but not everyone can be standing around on a street corner at 5am filming traffic hoping there’s going to be one of the most spectacular car crashes ever on their watch. As it is we should probably be thankful that there even is any footage of this as it really is something I never thought could even be possible in real life.

In case you were wondering the two passengers of the car ended up being fine but I presume at least one of them is being charged with dangerous driving or a DUI or something. Surely.

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