This Guy Only Caring About His Pizza During A 20 Person Brawl Is Just Perfect

Guy Eating Pizza

I’ve only got eyes for you boo.

There are some times when you’re so drunk or so high and then get so hungry that literally all you can care about is getting food and putting it in your mouth. This video illustrates one of those times perfectly.

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In the video, a guy is getting pizza at some restaurant and he is absolutely loving it. For some reason he’s sitting on the floor and not a seat (must be high) and is munching on it and looking completely satisfied with his life.

This wouldn’t normally be that funny but the situation is magnified by the fact that there’s a 20 person brawl going on right in front of the dude and he’s not even slightly worried about it – he’s only got eyes for that delicious pizza.

I’ve gotta say I relate to that dude. Sometimes, nothing else matters except stuffing your face with pizza and it feels damn good. Sure, there probably isn’t a 20 person brawl going on in front of me at this point and I’m probably likely to be on my own in the comfort of my own house, so you’ve really got to give props to this guy as he’s letting absolutely nothing come in between him and that slice. Dedication.

Did you hear that people are making weed infused pizza now?


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