Cardi B Set To Star In The Animated Baby Shark TV Series As Sharki B

Wet-Ass Seaweed?

Just when you thought Baby Shark couldn’t get any more annoying, Deadline is reporting that Cardi B is set to star as her very own Baby Shark character in the upcoming animated pre-school series Baby Shark’s Big Show.

The Grammy-award winning rapper will voice the character of Sharki B in The Seaweed Sway episode premiering on Monday, May 30. Not only that, she’s also hooked up partner Offset as Offshark and three-year-old daughter Kulture as Kulture Shark. Talk about nepotism!

The show’s lead characters, Baby Shark and William, will meet the purple Sharki B, who dons gold hoops and a pearl tiara (obviously), and is described as ‘seven seas-flashy, awe-inspiring and ruthlessly fun – but always 100% herself and fin-spires other fishies to do the same.’

Here’s a taster:

Nothing like a former Bronx stripper who once boasted about drugging & robbing men who paid her for sex and who raps about wet ass p***y, entertaining your toddlers with a song and dance eh? I mean fair play to Cardi B for having all that range and getting paid for it but it’s pretty surprising the Baby Shark team tapped her up for this.

Baby Shark first became a phenomenon five years ago, quickly becoming YouTube’s most viewed video ever and driving parents around the world crazy in the process. It’s not sitting at 10 BILLION views. The brand’s only gonna get bigger with Cardi B on board.

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