Car Thief Arrested After Falling Neck-Deep In Cow Shit During Police Chase

That’s a shitty situation.

A car thief found himself well and truly in the shit after falling ‘neck-deep in a pit of slurry’ moments before his arrest.

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What’s more, Sussex Police added insult to injury by sharing a poem about the arrest onto their Facebook page:

Now I’ve never heard of the term “slurry” before, but apparently it’s a mixture made up of cow shit, cement, or coal suspended in water. That’s the technical definition given by Google but looking at the pic of this guy, I don’t see any cement or coal, do you?

That right there is a man with cow shit all over his face, hands, body, ears, mouth, nose and basically everywhere else you can get poop. What actually happened here? Did the suspect see the pit of slurry and think “this would make a good hiding place!”. Or did he accidentally fall in there as he was making his getaway through a farm? Either way, loving the croissant undies!

Thoughts & prayers with the officers who had to deal with this prat and travel with him in the police car afterwards. Although it might not be all bad news – over in India they cover themselves in cow shit as a way to fight coronavirus:

For the man who dumped a huge pile of cow shit onto a pub after discovering the landlord had shagged his wife, click HERE.


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