Watch This Car Park Fight Over An Empty Space Descend Into A Literal Demolition Derby


Totally deranged behaviour.

Road rage can be an absolutely awful thing, but in most of the videos you see of incidents, it normally just involves someone beating up the other person in the worst case scenario. This is the next level after that.

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In the video below, two women have been fighting for a parking space in a car park in South Los Angeles. This quickly descends to them rolling around on the floor punching one another, and then one of the women gets back in her car and starts smashing into the other one – very nearly taking the door off – while trying to run people over.

I guess she got out on the wrong side of the bed this morning:

Favourite part has to be the end where she drives over the fire extinguisher, just to put an exclamation mark on everything that has happened. Nothing quite like driving off into the water with a geyser of water exploding behind you.

For more road rage incidents, check out this one which turned into a brutal stick fight. Not quite as bad as this one, but still.


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