Here’s A Video Of A Car Hitting A Bear On A Motorway. In Russia, Of Course.


Here’s a video of what happens when you’re driving a car down the motorway in Russia and a bear suddenly jumps out of nowhere and slams into the front of the car. Scary stuff.


Sick Chirpse is pretty much synonymous now with bringing you really stupid things that happen in Russia, and this is another one to add to the collection. We’ve talked about Russian Dashcams at length before, and how most Russian drivers now put them on their dashboards to film themselves when they’re driving all the time. This is because Russian drivers are so bad there are so many accidents and insurance claims that the only way to prove anything and win a case is by having a filmed record of it.

This being Russia though, it also means that they get to pick up a shitload funny stuff that goes down. This isn’t exactly funny – although from the looks of it the driver does end up way worse than the bear – but it’s still pretty shocking and something you need to see. Basically this guy is driving down the motorway when out of nowhere a bear runs from one side of it and straight in front of his car.

To be fair to the guy there isn’t really much he can do about this as the bear literally comes from nowhere to smack into his car. It doesn’t really look that plussed though, despite probably being hit at about 40 mph as he just rolls over a couple of times and then gets up and runs back to the forest.

The guy driving the car doesn’t look anywhere near as happy though as he comes out to inspect it. You don’t get to see the front of the car and the damage done, which is a real bummer, but the look on his face tells you he isn’t happy. Check out the video below:

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