Samir Nasri got filmed arguing with Liverpool fans in his car on the way home from last night’s game.

If you’re Samir Nasri and your form has been largely indifferent since your controversial transfer to Man City in the summer from Arsenal (that is when you can get in the team ahead of David Silva) and you’ve just come on as a fairly ineffective substitute in a semi final that your team lost at home to Liverpool, you probably don’t need some dickhead Scousers shouting obscene comments at you as you’re driving home from the game.

Unfortunately for Samir Nasri, that’s exactly what happened when three Scousers spotted him on the drive home from Manchester. They then filmed themselves shouting at him and telling him he was crap, that he should have stayed at Arsenal because he had a better chance of winning the champions league etc etc.

Even more remarkably, Samir Nasri wound down the window of his car and actually engaged these idiots saying he was top of the league, to which the Scousers replied ‘No you’re not mate, you’re nothing.’ After that comment Nasri just sped off in his left hand drive imported Aston Martin. All the Scousers could say: ‘What a prick. Seriously hope he doesn’t win the league now. Did you get it all on tape?’

Check out the video below, it’s pretty jokes:

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