Canadian Father Leaves His Wife And Seven Kids To Live As A Six Year Old Girl

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That face when you decide to be a 6-year-old girl.

Before we get into this, I should probably say now that you mustn’t judge this guy. Sometimes things get a bit too much, ya know? Sometimes people just say ‘stuff this I’m a six-year-old girl’. We know this cus that’s exactly what Stefonknee Wolschtt said, as the 46-year-old is currently living with an adopted family because she doesn’t ‘want to be an adult right now’.

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Before transitioning, Ms Wolschtt — who has seven kids — had been married for 23 years. Here’s what she had to say:

I can’t deny I was married, I can’t deny I have children. But I’ve gone back to being a child.

I paid a heavy price for transitioning.

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Her wife of more than two decades found it difficult to accept her new identity and told her to:

Stop being trans or leave.

Stefonknee explained to The Transgender Project:

That to me, “stop being trans” isn’t something I could do. It would be like telling me to stop being 6ft2 or leave.

Check out her interview with Daily Extra here:

The trouble for Ms Wolschtt is that after she identified as trans, she was rejected by her family and actually tried and failed to take her own life twice. She has since moved in with an adoptive family who are happy to act as her parents. How this arrangement came about is beyond me though.

The move provided great relief and Ms Wolschtt found the release from adult responsibilities extremely therapeutic:

We have a great time. We colour, we do kid’s stuff.

It’s called play therapy. No medication, no suicide thoughts. I just get to play.

I say fair play to the girl. Sure, its pretty devastating for her wife and kids, but if she’s trans she’s obviously got to pursue that. The 6-year-old girl vibe is something I haven’t come across ever before, the only thing I will say is how can someone identify with a certain age? Without stomping on her dream too much, no one can say they’re actually 6 when they’re clearly 46.

In any case, should Ms Wolschtt want to go all the way, she could end up looking something like this.


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