Canadian Man Leaves Chilling Confession To Murdering His Girlfriend On Reddit

How to confess in 2017.

Traditionally I imagine if you’re going to confess to a murder, then you’d go to a police station and hand yourself in, but in 2017 it’s becoming more and more common for people to confess on social media. However, this case is the first I’ve ever heard of anyone doing it on Reddit.

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24-year-old Ontario man Ager Hasan is the main suspect in his 22-year-old ex-girlfriend’s Melinda Vasilije’s murder last week. She was found dead in her apartment from multiple stab wounds and Hasan has been on the run ever since, and he is believed to have jumped the border and fled to the United States. Witnesses saw him stealing a licence plate off a car at a petrol station in Pennsylvania and attaching it to his.

However, Hasan’s next step for a man on the run was a strange one – he decided to post a confession up on Reddit, complete with pictures of the couple and screenshots of text message conversations between the two of them. The post was later removed, but here’s a couple of screenshots from it and the key parts of what he was saying:

Reddit Murderer 1

Reddit Murderer 2

I went to see her to try and repair our relationship, but things turned sour when I admitted to doing things with other girls.

She started freaking out. Wouldn’t say a word and just kept slapping me with tears in her eyes. Slaps turned into hits. I told her I was sorry but if she didn’t stop I’d do something back. She didn’t stop. I then stupidly pushed her, harder than I expected. She fell against the sink.

Almost out no where she grabs a knife by the sink. Initially I thought was just going to hold it to try and tell me to leave. She doesn’t. She comes at me in full force, aiming towards my face.

I tell her to stop. She doesn’t, I tried grabbing the knife but ended up cutting my hands. After a few cuts I lost it. I freaked out, I was scared and in a state of shock.

Never in a hundred years did I think she would use a knife against me. Out of shock and fear I grab one. I hit her with it, almost blindly. A few times. I didn’t know what happened. I was confused, shocked and scared.

I intend to turn myself in in a few days or commit suicide. I just wanted a few days to myself first.

Geez. That sounds like one sorry situation. Hopefully Hasan turns himself in rather than kills himself, but who knows what’s going on in that guy’s head at the moment, or if what he’s saying is even true? Fucked up.

For more online confessions, check out this paedophile claiming that he murdered Madeleine McCann. I don’t believe him.


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