Canada Doesn’t Have Enough Weed For When Cannabis Becomes Legal On Wednesday

Canada Weed

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Canada will become only the second country in the world after Uruguay to fully legalise weed on Wednesday but it seems like they’ve made a big mistake in the run up to this decision: they aren’t going to have enough weed to satisfy demand when the ruling comes into place.

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This thought process comes from researchers at the University Of Waterloo who think that the current supply will only be able to fill 30-60% of demand. This is based on figures which estimate the current supply at around 210 tonnes and demand at 610 tonnes.

You might wonder how they’ve managed to screw this up so badly, well it turns out that it’s actually the government who decided to legalise it in the first place’s fault. Apparently they haven’t really been super speedy on dishing out licenses to sell weed, meaning that all those stoners who have dreamt of owning their own marijuana dispensary haven’t been able to open them up in time for the big day on Wednesday.


That’s obviously gonna affect demand and is probably something they’re gonna wanna sort out, as it’s also estimated that they’re missing out on around £454million in tax dollars because of it. Might wanna make that a priority there Justin Trudeau. Just saying.

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