New musings from the tormented participator. Can you escape the system? No.

I want to talk to you about your television set. Turn it off. Disengage the simulator.

I have been watching television on another plane recently. I have elevated myself from the presenter/presentee relationship which you all step into upon tuning in. Much like Budda or Gandhi or something, I have tried to view it objectively and analytically. Not absorbing the messages but taking them as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. I think I have finished it. I have realised what is happening. You are being violently attacked in the most ruthless and sinister way. Subliminally.

Every aspect of this evil oeuvre is designed to keep you spellbound and docile, divorced from the true nature of the world and distracted from the necessary realities of what it means to be alive in the 21st century.

I wish to use an example. In Australia we have a T.V. show that airs at around unemployed-housewife-o’clock in the morning on weekdays. It’s called The Circle. In The Circle a bevy of tired looking women of various ages and sizes sit around and talk about their “circles” that is to say, their vaginas. This is a fabrication by the way, but you get the idea. The American version of this show, which is hosted by the corpse of Whoopi Goldberg, is called The View. The logo, visible throughout the show, is a very large V. Tell me this isn’t a lady parts.

Anyway I digress, on The Circle these women conceal their bewilderment by acting enthused about a relentless torrent of new exercise / cosmetic / kitchen / cleaning / dieting products which have been scheduled to be hawked on this week’s specific shows. Despicably, the mindless items of dysfunction they try to feed to you are often in direct conflict with one another. Cookbooks by lard-arses like that sweaty Nigella woman in order to make you really fat, followed by dieting solutions to stop you being so fat. Followed by new types of make up to make you more beautiful cus you’re not fat anymore. And beautiful people can eat what they want right? So buy this new cookbook cus you could probably get away with being a bit fatter. Not only does this keep the fishing hook firmly wedged, it also means that the motherfuckers who decide what gets beamed into your faces also set the parameters or definitions of beauty. Which they do to further achieve their own furtive objectives.  Beauty cannot be organic; you have to have these products.

This atrocity lasts for something like an hour or two. The show is not aired on a government funded station such as the ABC, and as such is punctuated by objectionable and invasive commercial breaks. So…what we have here, in essence, is two hours (TWO HOURS) of advertisements with short periods of advertisements in between.  Now we all know to look away when the ads are on right? “I hate the ads; I always put it on mute when the ads come on!” But the show is presented to us as some kind of chat show, based on feminist empowerment and liberalism. Women’s Power in the 21’st century. This is how it is force fed to the unwitting masses.

But…it has nothing to do with equality or modern sexual freedom. It is a con. A filthy filthy dirty disgusting lie. Abhorrent, disgraceful propaganda. A trojan horse for our minds. Once we let this crock of shit into our faces through our TV sets we forever become a part of the machine. “I need a new blender; I saw this great one that the fat woman off The Circle had. I’ll get that”. You don’t fvcking need a new blender. What do you need to blend? Why is blending things so important? You don’t need a toothbrush with rubber bits on the back so you can brush your tongue. It has bristles on the other side. You don’t need an inflatable ball to stay fit. You have legs and there is outside. You don’t need a fvcking iPad. All the things you can do with an iPad are done more efficiently with other devices which you already own. You don’t need special cleaning products for your bathroom. You are not eating meals off the floor of your bathroom. And if you are, the chemicals from your cleaning products would probably make you ill. Although you’re probably ill in the first place. Who gives a shit? Who gives a shit about your bathroom and how clean it is? Do not go out and buy this pointless destructive bollocks you see on your TV sets. It is criminal.

You know why they want you to keep buying things you don’t need?  Do you? It is because if you keep buying this terrible crap, subscribing to this mental disease, you will eventually end up with no money left and a load of useless junk you can’t eat or use to keep warm. So…you have to go back to work. WORK. In order to consume you have to produce. Be a cog in somebody else’s sadistic corporate wet-nightmare. You get the numbers in your bank account topped up every month if you continue to show up at your slave station and turn off your brainbox.

But you arent allowed too many numbers cus then you’ll be free. You will not require the system to function as an organism. You can use your mind to experience reality. In doing so you may just step far enough back to see it. To see the toilet bowl full of drowning humans swirling round and round and round forever. The plane crash that never hits the ground. At this point you will instigate revolution. Free the minds of your brothers and sisters. And those who stand to benefit from this deranged arrangement will be exposed. As the riders of the apocalypse. The bringers of doom. The end of the fvcking world. And that simply cannot be allowed.

It is this; this is the integral part of the whole system of western civilisation. The maintenance of consumption. If you think you need something, and are willing to believe the TV that you do, in fact, need it very badly, you will never ever live. You will never achieve freedom from want. You will never get your happiness, contentment, calm, quiet…ssssshhhhh.

Turn Off Your TV.

There is no comfortably numb.


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