You Can Now Order A Pineapple To Any Office In London Because Why The Fuck Not

Because pineapples make the perfect gift… maybe?

Bored in the office? Feeling peckish but don’t want junk food because yesterday you ate McDonalds, KFC and Burger King all in one day?


Well, you can now gift a pineapple to any office within zones 1 and 2 in London. All you have to do is visit and type in the address of wherever you want to send it to. If you were feeling particularly kind, you could even send one to our offices in Shoreditch. This isn’t a hint by the way, I’m actually a freelancer based in Manchester, I couldn’t care less whether you all send my work fam a piece of fruit because I have to go and buy my own from Tesco.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 17.43.04


These herbacious perrenials have gotten a bit trendy of late, you can get pineapple prints on pretty much anything from iPhone cases to socks. If you can think of it, more than likely it exists with an allover pineapple design somewhere.

Unlease, the subletting app and brains behind the operation, explain that “pineapples are a symbol of friendship in many cultures, and they’re a delicious snack all at the same time. You can send your friends a pineapple to show you care or just to remind them they need to be getting their 5 a day”. Obviously it’s all a massive viral marketing ploy but it’s still positive and delicious so I’m down.

Possible reasons why you would want to do:

  • To be nice to a friend
  • To confuse an enemy
  • Send to your own office for a healthy Summer snack
  • Or to make piña coladas at 5pm on a Friday
  • For the bants

Are you completely obsessed with the spiky tropical fruit? Maybe you should consider incorporating it’s look into your own personal style like this guy with pineapple shaped hair who ended up changing his locks after losing a bet to his cousin. Doesn’t even look that bad tbh.


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