Enraged Camel Kills Worker After He Punched It At Russian Children’s Camp (NSFL Video)

Don’t mess with camels.

The Arabs have a saying that a camel never forgets when you treat it poorly. Not that this particular camel in Russia had a chance to forget, seeing as it decided to immediately merk this dude after he punched it in the face. Viewer discretion is advised:

According to the NY Post, the camel, named Vasya, bit and trampled the man to death after he punched it while attempting to move the animal. A white car eventually rolls up and interrupts the assault, but by that point the victim has been turned into mash potato with his blood staining the snow around him. That’s a 1,100lbs animal – dude stood no chance.

Sadly the camel will probably be destroyed now because of this, which is very unfair considering it was just defending itself. Still, at least that’s one less animal abuser in the world. Hopefully a few more watch this and realise that hurting animals can have very dire consequences.

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