Calls To Boycott ‘The Venue’ In New Cross After Girl Suffers Horrific Head Injury From Bouncer

‘Early hours this morning a staff member from the venue thought it was ok to attack my beautiful sister leaving her with a broken nose and 28 stitches in her head.’

The Venue nightclub down in Clifton Rise in New Cross is in a world of crap after their bouncers allegedly gave a girl a horrific head injury on Friday night.

The incident apparently happened when 19 year old Jodie Hills was thrown out of the club by aggressive door staff and into a railing. She suffered a broken nose and ten inch cut in her forehead that required 28 stitches. Following the incident she uploaded pictures to her Facebook page and called on everyone to boycott the club, with two ‘Justice For Jodie’ groups popping up almost instantly and gaining momentum. People even flyered the club on Saturday with pictures of her injuries in an attempt to get punters to stay out of there and hopefully avoid similar injuries.

Jodie Hill The Venue

The Venue on the other hand are steadfastly denying that they had anything to do with the incident and stating that the injury only occurred after she was already ejected from the club and fell over of her own accord. To be honest that doesn’t really sound that likely, does it? And it seems like most people reading the statement seem to disagree with them and The Venue has a reputation for having bouncers that like to rough people up if you check out the comments that have been left underneath it:

Basically, it looks like these guys are going down. Even if Jodie did suffer the injuries outside the nightclub, you would have thought that one of the bouncers might have seen her and helped her out. And let’s face it, if she was so wrecked when they threw her out that she looked like she might do something like this they probably should have looked after her.

Right now a police investigation is underway by Lewisham Police but all the evidence so far is looking at The Venue getting shut down or at least heavily fined because of this.

Jodie Hills The Venue 2


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