Calls Are Growing To Arrest Boris Johnson Following More Leaked Messages

It’s always so dumb when people campaign on the internet to get the Prime Minister or another public figure like that arrested because nothing ever happens no matter how hard they try, but this is quite an entertaining story about Bois Johnson’s latest leaked messages so let’s just roll with it for this story.

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The leaks once again come courtesy of former chief advisor Dominic Cummings and concern a WhatsApp conversation that took place between the two of them on October 15th of last year. Cummings has repeatedly accused Johnson of not acting quick enough to impose the second lockdown last year and these ‘explosive’ leaks pretty much confirm that with Boris saying that the virus only affects old people and he doesn’t really care about them:

Yikes. Although I don’t think anyone in their right mind would really be that surprised that the guy said something like that as his response throughout the whole pandemic has been pretty callous and downright awful. #ArrestBorisJohnson is now trending on Twitter, but like I said I doubt that it’s actually going to achieve anything ever.

Yeah again, I don’t think anything’s going to happen because of that but it’s kinda funny to see it trending. Fact is most people probably will have forgotten by the time the next election rolls around so he’ll probably get another go at it and screw everything up even further. Awesome.

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