These Californian Dudes Have Managed To Surf Waves Without A Surfboard

Surfer No Board

Wait what?

Surfing is a great fun time but I’ve never even been able to stand up on a board, let alone do anything good on one. Bearing that in mind, this next video is absolutely crazy.

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The video is a short documentary called ‘Floater’ which tells us about the lives of a group of Californian surfers who have managed to develop a surfing technique that doesn’t require a surfboard. What?

OK. The director Foster Huntington is still sticking to his story that it’s a ancient technique taught by fisherman on a remote island off the coast of Baja, but it probably isn’t real is it and they’ve just spent ages editing out the boards on the video.

It does look damn good though as you can’t see a trace of the boards and they really do look like they’re floating on the waves and it’s a pretty sick idea for a viral video to promote Poder clothing in any case. Must have taken them fucking ages in that editing suite too.

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