Surfing Goats: What The Heck?

Surfing Goats

“I like surfin’ so I figured the goats would like surfin'”: Goat owner takes his pets to catch some waves in San Onofre, California.

Whilst browsing the internet during a touch of insomnia last night I read something that seemed like a dream. This can’t be real I thought, surely it can’t be real?  But it is.

Dana McGregor from Pismo Beach took his two goats Goatee and Pismo to meet with tandem surfers Mark and Debbie Gale to see if they could get the goats to ride on a board together in San Diego, California. Yes, you read that right, he thought it might be cool to make his goats go surfing. What. The. Shit.

“I like surfin’ so I figured the goats would like surfin'” explained Dana McGregor with crystal logic. Apparently people do it with dogs all the time, so why not try it with a couple of goats? Crystal logic.

Check out the video because you have to see it to believe it. If nothing else it will surely brighten your day. My mind is blown.


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