Bruce Jenner Just Made The Cover Of Vanity Fair As ‘Caitlyn Jenner’ And He Is Looking Sexy As Hell

Hotter than Kim.

What a sexy little firecracker. When this pic first started popping up everywhere I thought I was looking at Christie Brinkley or something but turns out it’s actually Bruce Jenner fully transformed into a beautiful old lady named Caitlyn. Boy do I feel stupid now. The artist formerly known as Bruce Jenner just put all the celebrity GILFs out there on notice:


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Just look at those legs. Real Olympic runner legs. And what about those arms? Was Bruce Jenner a shot put champion too? Woof! Fan me gently.

P.S. All joking aside, what this guy did took serious balls. Respect to him. Kim must be pissed though — can’t be easy being less sexy than your stepdad.


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