Turkish Guy Wears Cage On His Face To Stop Smoking

Bird Cage On Face

Finding it difficult to give up the fags? Try this man’s technique – a cage on your face.

Here are a number of ways to assist you in giving up smoking:

–       Nicorette gum

–       Nicotine patch

–       Put a picture of your family/girlfriend inside the packet to remind you of what you stand to lose

–       Hypnotist

–       Grow a pair and use innate human willpower

None of those working out for you? Okay, try sticking a bird cage on your face. That’s what this guy in Turkey did and it seems to be working fine, except he’s also got a cast on his arm which is probably a result of his visual impairment, since he insists on wearing the thing all day long.

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We think the cage face approach has plenty of potential.

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