The Girl Who Boob Twerked To Mozart Has Some Fierce Competition

Boob Twerk

Bwerking is apparently now an actual phenomenon.

The girl who boob twerked to Mozart the other day and sent the internet into overdrive has apparently started a new cultural phenomenon as there are already people coming out of the woodwork to tell her that she’s doing it wrong and there are way better ways to bwerk.

It’s not even really been 24 hours until this video from an Instagram user calling herself biancaghez posted the below video along with the caption ‘Hey Mozart girl – you’re doing it wrong’. Judging by the video below though, I don’t think either of them are really doing it wrong though – do you?

The most worrying thing about all this though is probably that bwerking is actually a word now. It probably won’t be too long until it enters the Oxford dictionary like all these ridiculous words from the last couple of years.


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