BuzzFeed’s ‘27 Questions Black People Have For Black People’ Video Was A Really, Really Bad Idea

Facepalm x 1000.

I don’t know what joker over at BuzzFeed thought it would be a good idea to film a video called ‘27 questions black people have for black people’, but it was always going to be a risky move and the response it has received proved why.

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Watch below:

And cue the backlash:

So basically, BuzzFeed are getting KILLED on social media for this video. Fair enough really because it’s pretty awful. Like some of the Tweets mention, I’m not even sure if those questions are really from black people, or if a bunch of unintentionally racist white people at BuzzFeed wrote them and just got a bunch of black people to read them out. Big time swing and miss from BuzzFeed either way.

But hey, if the ex-leader of the KKK can denounce racism, then there’s hope for everyone.


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