You Can Now Buy A Luxury Condo And Get Free Avocado Toast For A Year

Avocado Toast

No brainer.

Remember when that Australian twat said that millennials couldn’t afford homes because they spent all their money on avocado toast? Whilst there may have been some truth to this, the analogy he made was pretty ridiculous and he was rightly remembered as a complete and utter dickhead.

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A couple of years on though and the phrase still hasn’t been forgotten, so much so that a real estate company over in Vancouver is actually offering to pay for your avocado toast for a year if you buy one of their luxury condos. It sounds like a pretty sweet deal as well as they vary in price from 227,454 for a one-bed to £369,638 for a three-bed, which is probably way less than buying a condo over here in London. And you get to live in Vancouver, which is probably way nicer than most places over here too. Just gotta figure out getting a visa and getting over there now.

Avo Toast

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The condos are located in their in a complex called The Kira in West Coquitlam and it’s also in close proximity to daily conveniences like transit, shopping, parks and restaurants. Sounds ideal – and the restaurant where you claim the free avocado and toast will even swap it for another breakfast item if you’re getting bored. Canadian people are just so nice aren’t they?

Woodbridge Homes President Jamie Howard says the following about the deal:

Saving for a down payment does require some saving and sacrificing.

At the Kira project, we say you can have your avocado toast and eat it too.

What a soundbite. Pretty much got me convinced tbh. Hopefully someone over here will see the potential of such an offer and bring it over here so I can have my avocado toast and eat it and get on the property ladder. Please?

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