You Can Now Buy Aftershave That Smells Like MDMA

Eau de sesh.

After a heavy night out on the town, the last thing you want to be reminded of is the chemically aroma of the substances you were taking just hours ago.

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Clearly this company didn’t get the memo, as they’ve decided to launch an MDMA fragrance – so you can smell like a comedown all day long.

It’s not what it seems though. Funnily enough, the scent – aptly named ‘Xtacy’ – is being used by anti-drug officials in the Netherlands to crack down on the use of it in the country, and they are distributing it in Noord-Brabant, an area with many of the country’s drugs laboratories.

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Prosecutor Antoinette Doedens said:

Smell is the most important way that people can recognise an ecstasy lab. That is why we want to spread the smell over the entire country, so that everyone knows what to look out for.

Another official, Lars Stempher, chimed in by explaining how the country is a key producer in high-quality MDMA, the main problem with this being that the manufacturing process causes a lot of toxic waste dumping. Which, to be fair, is a sincere thing to worry about.

Drug production labs are often located in built-up areas, and because they leave traces that the public can recognise, we have introduced this scent to help people identify if a drugs factory is operating in their neighbourhood.

MDMA doesn’t have a particularly distinctive smell compared to, say, marijuana, and so if you were going to crack down on its production it would make sense to teach people how to recognise it.

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However, you can just imagine bottles of this stuff going on eBay for hundreds – you know sesh grems in the UK would pay for it.

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