There’s Now A Button You Can Press To Let Your Partner Know You Want To Have Sex

Love Sync


Having sex with your partner is excellent no doubt, but after you’ve been dating for a while there can be those times when one of you seems pooped and you’re not really that up for it- this is where LoveSync comes in handy.

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LoveSync is the solution to this problem and is essentially two buttons placed either side of the bed that let you indicate to your partner non verbally that you’re up for a cheeky shag. You basically press the button if you’re horny in the morning – or maybe even before you go to sleep – and if your partner has pressed it as well then it’s all systems go and you’ll be getting your end off in now time.

If you’re having trouble with the idea, then it’s all explained in the video below. Even if you do understand it, it’s absolutely worth watching to hear phrases that nobody has ever used in their life like ‘the horizontal hustle’ and ‘the mattress mambo’:

Hippity dippity? Ugh. Seriously can’t understand why someone would make such a dumb, awful advert to try and get their project funded but here we are

To be honest, I think the whole idea of the LoveSync sucks as well. Whilst I think it is important to realise that not everyone wants to have sex all the time and it’s OK sometimes not to want that, I don’t think having some anonymous button by the side of your bed is the solution to this. I mean what happens if you’re constantly pressing your button and it never syncs? Won’t it lead to even more passive aggressiveness in the bedroom as one person continuously presses their button with no respite from the other?

Surely the best way to deal with these problems with a long term partner is just to actually talk about them openly and come to some sort of arrangement/compromise, rather than hiding it away and entrusting it with some button? Just an idea there.

If you think this button is the answer to your problem though, then you can head over to their Kickstarter and pledge some money towards it. It isn’t looking so hot at the moment tohugh as they’ve only raised about £2500 at the moment of their £5000 total. That’s really not going that well, and I’ve also gotta ask why they even need a Kickstatrter for £5000? Surely you could just borrow that much money off the bank or even your dad or one of your mates? Kinda rams home the idea that this is a terrible idea even further.

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