This Woman Is In Love With A Roller Coaster And Regularly Makes Love To It (VIDEO)

1001 Nachts Amy

Whatever turns you on.

There are a lot of people out there who are into some really weird things when it comes to sex – whipping, choking, anal, kids, etc – but I don’t think I’ve ever encountered anything as weird as this woman who has fetishised roller coasters and regularly has sex with one of them and considers it a mate.

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Her name is Amy and she’s infatuated with a roller coaster called 1001 Nachts, which I’m guessing means 1001 nights. I could make a joke here about how I bet that’s how many times she wishes she’s ridden ‘him’, but I can’t because she’s actually broken the record for riding him and has done it something like 3000 times, so my joke wouldn’t actually be that funny. Godammit.

Anyway, if you want to hear her story then watch the video below:

Wow. I mean I guess I shouldn’t judge because she seems happy enough about her situation but man, is that weird? Especially the way she lies underneath it getting its grease all over her fingers and moaning, like how the hell does that get anyone off ever? Truly bizarre behaviour, but I mean sure, just go for it.

One question I’ve really been thinking about though is what the ride operators think about all this? Are they really OK with this nutjob rolling up into their theme park and having sex with their rides? Does Amy pay them for the privilege? How exactly does THAT relationship work hey? Answers please.

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