Business Is Booming For The Restaurant Owner Who Tucked Into A Steak In Front Of Vegan Protesters

Vegan Chef Steak

Turns out vegans aren’t so popular.

You might remember a couple of weeks ago we featured a video of a restaurant owner whose reaction when confronted by angry vegan protesters about his choice of menu was to tuck into a massive steak right in front of them in the window of his restaurant.

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Many people thought that Michael Hunter was a complete asshole for doing so as it didn’t really warrant that much of a reaction – although there’s also an argument that there’s no need for the vegans to protest his restaurant either of course – but it turns out that there’s a whole load of people who loved how he handled it as business has apparently boomed at the Antler restaurant in Toronto. Marni Ugar led the protest against the restaurant and has revealed her annoyance at what has happened since the video went viral:

Michael Hunter

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If he wanted us to go away, he could sit down and have dialogue but instead he’s not returning my emails.

How I feel is, it doesn’t actually bother me that business is booming for him because my bottom line is how many animals are dying.

The people that sit at his restaurant just take business from somewhere else. These are people who would consume a dead animal, and they’re just doing it there now, so that’s fine. I do find it interesting that everyone is going nuts saying I’m impacting his business.

People feel sorry for the small businessman. The animal is not yet allowed to be the victim. Nobody wants to acknowledge that.

If people were to watch him before he was about to kill the animal, they would likely stop him. It’s cognitive dissonance.

His business is already on the map at this point, that’s not a concern. It’s for the animals.

I mean maybe this is true but she’s gotta feel a little bit bad that her protests against the restaurant have made it more popular, especially after Hunter completely and utterly dissed her as well. It’s a personal insult more than anything. Nice attempt at styling it out though, sure.

If you missed the original video of Hunter tucking into his steak, you can watch it here. Power move.


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