Shocking Video Shows Moment Burglar Kicks Female Police Officer Down Flight Of Stairs


Brutal footage of the moment a burglar kicked a female police officer down a flight of stairs is doing the rounds online.

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The Met shared the footage taken at a property in Charing Cross Road, London, to highlight the dangers that police officers face tackling scumbags like this on a daily basis:

Damn that looked/sounded painful. Seems like this prick already had his hands cuffed behind his back so pretty bold move to attempt a getaway and make matters even worse for himself by assaulting a police officer. But what do you expect from someone who robs 90-year-old women in the first place?

Andre Bailey, 38, appeared at Southwark Crown Court via video link from custody and was jailed for three and a half years. Let’s hope he fell down the stairs on the way to his cell and all.

His offences/sentences were as follows:

– Burglary: Sentenced to four years’ imprisonment – reduced to three years due to the guilty plea entered.

– Assault on an emergency worker: Sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment – reduced to six months due to the guilty plea entered.

Most importantly, the officer only suffered minor injuries after her fall down the stairs. Thankfully more officers were arriving at the scene and took Bailey into custody before he could run off.

Detective Constable Nigel Pacquette, from the Central West Command Unit, says:

Bailey did everything he could to obstruct the officer in her lawful duty to arrest him. She was lucky not to have been seriously injured.

This case highlights the very real risk with which police officers are confronted on a daily basis and the courage and professionalism officers demonstrate when doing their job. This behaviour is absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Good to know. Although six months for assaulting a police officer, especially in the way that he did, does seem a little soft IMO. Still, an overall 3 year sentence should be more than enough time for this dickhead to learn a lesson or two in prison.

For a truly disturbing clip of a man brutally attacking an off-duty police officer at Walmart, click HERE.


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