Burger Stall Owner Reveals How He Can Keep Selling Burgers At Just £1 A Pop


I think it’s fairly well documented that inflation is out of control in this country because almost every time you go to buy something it seems like the price has gone up, but somehow this burger stall up in Blackpool has managed to keep their prices at £1 a pop.

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Chris Higgit’s burger stall is part of Higgit’s Las Vegas Arcade in the famous coastal city and is located a couple of roads away from the promenade, which is one of the factors that enables Chris’s low prices: cheaper rent. He also explains that because the burgers are so cheap, people are buying them all day and therefore the increasing cost of energy hasn’t affected him too badly because it costs the same amount to turn the grill on for a few hours whether he’s cooking one burger of five hundred. Love that logic.

Anyway, here’s his full explanation:

Because I have such a presence on social media, people physically come to find me.

It also helps the rent here on Dale Street is one tenth of what it is on the prom, but being two streets back doesn’t matter, because people come to find me.

The secret is I burn spices into the plate. The plate is black and at the start of every shift I grind spices on to the plate and burn them on so it marinates and goes into the food.

It is just normal burgers but I make sure that the plate is marinated so all those spices have to go straight into the burgers.

The biggest costs are me, because of the cost of my labour, and the electricity.

The electricity costs the same if the grills are on and I cook one burger, or if I cook 500 burgers, so it is all about the number of burgers.

If I buy in bulk I can also get discount from the warehouse, so I can go in and get volume discounts.

So where other places will be doing four or five burgers a day, I’ll be doing 100.

Lol I’m not sure if people are coming to eat his poxy little burger because of the special spices that he puts on it and more because of how cheap it is, but maybe I should reserve judgment before I try it myself? Can’t really see myself going up to Blackpool any time soon though so I guess I’ll just have to take his word for it. Hmmm. Can a bunch of crappy spices really make a burger that enticing?

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