Burger King’s Japanese All Black Burger Looks Disgusting In Real Life

Should we really be surprised by this?

Even thought it’s blatantly obvious that fast food never looks like it’s advertised, for some reason I’m sure that everyone who saw the Burger King ‘All Black burger‘ that we featured last week actually thought that it would look like it did in the picture below.

Burger King Black Burger Featured

Newsflash – it doesn’t at all. If I went in to Burger King over there and ordered one of these and it ended up looking like one of the photos below and not looking as delicious as it does in the picture I would be severely pissed off, but I’d probably still eat it because you know you’ve paid for it and you’ve got to see it through.

It would just be way less appetising and appealing, especially when there’s so many incredible fast food options in Japan for you to choose from.

All Black Burger 1

All Black Burger 2

All Black Burger 3

All Black Burger 4

All Black Burger 5

All Black Burger 7


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