Burger King Goes Goth In Japan With Black Burger (And Black Cheese)

Goth Burger

Looks tasty.

We’ve seen stunts similar to this from Burger King where they made a black burger in France to celebrate the release of Star Wars on DVD or something (I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a definite reason to celebrate) but this black burger over in Japan really takes things to the next level with its blackness.

The buns are made of bamboo charcoal, the sauce is made out of squid ink (onion and garlic flavour), beef patties made with black pepper and black cheese which is apparently also made from bamboo charcoal. They come in two different flavours – the Kuro (black) Pearl and the Kuro Diamond, although we’re not exactly too sure of what the difference between them actually is.

They’re going to be on sale in Japan for a limited time only in a couple of months, so if you happen to be heading over there then make sure you pick one up and let us know how it is. They sure do look weird, but kinda tasty too. Hopefully Burger King UK gets a clue and wheels them out over here before too long.





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