Burger King Shamed After Posting ‘Women Belong In The Kitchen’ On International Women’s Day Tweet

Oh dear.

Most of the stuff on social media today is all about that Megahan Markle interview, but I’m trying to avoid that on the site so I’m thankful to Burger King Uk for putting out a really ill advised tweet on International Women’s Day, trying to encourage women to pursue culinary careers within their kitchens only doing it really, really badly.

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Whilst their intentions may have been good – posting a deliberately incendiary tweet that would get a load of traction before following it up with one that wasn’t going to make their actual point about their new women’s scholarship to promote female culinary skills – the execution really was poor. Especially when you consider that the first tweet is going to do massive numbers and the follow up’s reach is going to be nowhere near as large.

Take a look at this below and see what you think:

Oooof. You can see why people are complaining about that because that first one is so on the nose, especially when it’s International Women’s Day. I get the argument that they’re using it to promote exclusivity with their follow up tweet, but the fact of the matter is that nowhere near as many people are going to see the follow up one as see the first one and that’s kind of promoting a dangerous narrative.

Nevertheless, Burger King tried to double down on their original tweet and started defending what they had written, even getting into a slanging match with KFC over it. There’s something I don’t think anyone could have envisaged writing fifteen years ago:

Kinda getting more and more desperate with each tweet they’re putting out there, don’t you think? Anyway, although the original tweet has something like 100K likes, the reaction on Twitter with people dropping their opinions on it hasn’t been too healthy:

Yep, definitely doesn’t look that good for them, although you do have to think that the fact it’s received so many likes probably does mean that there are a load of people out there who aren’t going to comment on it publicly but are absolutely buzzing off Burger King seemingly ‘taking a stand’ on International Women’s Day and will probably make a point of eating there in the coming days. Very tricky to gauge the actual effect of this tweet, but like the old saying goes, I guess there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Also, possibly the funniest part about all this is thinking that if a woman wanted a career as a chef that they would want to work at Burger King? Surely that’s one of the straight up worst chef gigs that you could possibly get? Absolutely clueless.

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