This Burger King Store Has Dressed Up As McDonald’s For Halloween


10/10 for effort.

Halloween is such a big deal over in America that it’s even inspired two of the biggest rivals in the fast food world to go at it by making fun of each other with their costumes.

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Over in Queens, New York, a Burger King franchise thought that the best way to celebrate the spooky holiday would be to dress up as their hated rival McDonald’s with one of the worst costumes ever, and also throw some shade at them with their new tagline.


The fast food outlet decided to throw a massive sheet over the top of the restaurant to kinda make it look like a ghost. The word ‘McDonald’s’ was spray painted on it too, so I guess that’s how they managed to ‘dress up’ as the other restaurant without getting sued for copyright infringement by actually having a Ronald McDonald costume up there or something.

The real piece de resistance though is the tagline underneath it: ‘only kidding – we still flame grill our burgers’. Bang, really rubbing it in there. I know there are a lot of people out there who specifically go to Burger King because their flame grilled burgers taste so much better than the non flame grilled McDonald’s equivalent, so yeah, nice burn.

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