Burger King Becomes Britain’s First Fast Food Chain To Sell Alcohol

Would you like a beer with that?

Burger King has won a licence to serve alcohol at its Bury St Edmonds branch, with a few more applied for at Newcastle-under-Lyme, Blackpool and Hull. Tidy.

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Beer and shitty, unhealthy food go hand in hand, so it’s about time that fast food chains acknowledged this really. They’ve been selling alcohol with fast food abroad for years, but now, us Brits are deemed responsible enough to drink sensibly while eating.

The proposition was challenged by the police, who strongly opposed the application. Initially, Burger King wanted to serve the alcohol 7 days a week, between 10am and 11pm, but the local council rejected that over fears of children being put at risk, and an increase in crime and disorder.

Burger King

Burger King compromised, and agreed to the the premise of only serving alcohol after 9pm, with a limit of just one drink per customer and the drinks are to be consumed on the premises.

It’s sensible enough. It’s hardly going to create a mass-hysteria of binge drinking. Even if people aren’t sensible with their booze, they can only have one anyway. Seems like a good enough idea to me.

Who knows, it could become a romantic hotspot for guys wanting to impress a girl. Take her for some food, a drink, and even buy her some Burger King perfume. 


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