Burger King Are Unleashing The Angriest Whopper In The UK

It crams flame-grilled beef, spicy onions, jalapeños and extra hot sauce into a ‘raging red bun’.

In news that will come as a surprise to anyone that regularly reads the articles about special edition fast foot menu items on these pages, Burger King have actually decided to release a limited edition burger that sounds pretty awesome in the UK. Makes a change from it coming out in Japan or Australia huh?

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The Angriest Whopper is designed to blow your face off and manages to pack flame-grilled beef, spicy onions, jalapeños and extra hot sauce into a ‘raging red bun’, alongside the usuals like bacon, cheese and lettuce. Apparently the bun itself has hot sauce baked into it which sounds interesting as well doesn’t it?

Burger King have also realised this dumb promo video for it too:

Bit over the top there perhaps? I mean is it really going to taste like a volcano – surely Burger King aren’t going to use hot sauce that is as hot as some of that crazy shit you can get in hot wings challenges and that? They don’t have the balls surely?

Having said that, I would still like to give it a shot whilst it’s available over here from April 4th to June 1st. I expect to get through it pretty easily though. It’s a fiver for the burger (pricey) and seven quid for the meal so I’ll probably whack the drink and fries on too just in case I need something to cool me down. Doubt I will though.

There’s no reason not to give it a shot really, especially as thanks to science we all know that hot sauce is good for you now.


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