According To Science, Hot Sauce Is Really Good For You – Especially With Fatty Foods

Frank's Red Hot Sauce

Another reason to have hot sauce with every meal.

Hot sauce pretty much makes any single meal better – unless you’re one of these pussies that can’t take it of course, but nobody wants to be one of those guys do they? And now there’s another reason to use it on every single meal because science has revealed that it’s actually really good for you to whack as much as possible of it on anything you eat.

David Popovich, a senior lecturer at Massey University in New Zealand who also studies bioactive compounds in plants, has revealed that capsaicin – the active ingredient in hot peppers – has been proven to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties when tested in lab experiments.

He reports that experiments have seen a reduced growth of cancer cells when capsaicin is put on top of them and he also reveals that it’s a trigger for apoptosis, which encourages cells – including mutated ones – to be turned into new cells.

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Popovich also states that it’s even better for you when you consume it with fatty foods – the ones that you’re probably going to be eating with hot sauce, let’s be serious – because it’s fat soluble. This means that your body can absorb more of it when you have hot sauce with fatty foods like chicken wings. Mmmmm.

Of course, some hot sauces are going to be better for you than others. Unfortunately Sriacha contains a lot of added sugar and some others have way too much sodium. However, when you find the right one then it’s probably full steam ahead with whacking it on every meal. Just gotta check out that label first.

Make sure don’t get so jacked up on the stuff that you try and cover your girlfriend in it and bake her in the oven like this dude did though.


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