A Bunch Of Idiots Congregated On Westminster Bridge Last Night To Clap The NHS


Almost four weeks into the lockdown you might think that people are finally starting to understand why it’s important not to gather in large groups at the moment if we ever want to do similar activities in the future and go back to how we used to live our lives pre Coronavirus, but videos like the one below prove that most of the population are just gigantic idiots.

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Everyone knows that we’ve been applauding NHS workers every Thursday at 8pm to show our apreciation for what they’re doing during the current crisis, but you’re supposed to do this from your doorway and not get anywhere near anyone to prevent the possible spread of the virus. Sadly though, a bunch of morons decided to congregate on Westminster Bridge last night in front of St Thomas’ Hospital to do it, presumably because they all wanted to make as much noise as possible for the people that were going to probably be treating them next week when they came down with COVID-19.

Honestly can’t believe people are being so stupid and flagrant about this:

Words fail me. Whose idea even was this and why are the cops just standing around and clapping too and not enforcing any of the social distancing measures that have been in place for weeks? And the same goes for NHS workers who you can see in the video as well?

Given the spread of the virus you can almost guarantee that a whole bunch of people involved with this are going to spread it, causing even more strain on the service that they’re supposed to be praising. Irony lol.

Anyway, stay inside you dickheads. You really should know better by now.

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