Spanish Doctors Say That Bruising On Feet May Be A Symptom Of Coronavirus

Start checking your feet too.

I think most of us thought we knew the symptoms of Coronavirus now – a bad cough and a high temperature – but doctors over in Spain are bringing a new theory to the table with the idea that bruising on your feet could also be an indicator that you have contracted the virus.

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The news that patients with dark sores and prudish lesions on their feet – particularly children and adolescents – have tested for Coronavirus is coming out of Spain, Italy and France right now and doctors are arguing that they could be an early sign of the deadly disease. The Spanish General Council of Official Podiatrist Colleges released the following statement about this new possibility:

Numerous cases are being observed in different countries: Italy, France, Spain.

It is a curious finding that began to spread yesterday in the healthcare field, among dermatologists and podiatrists, fundamentally: the same symptoms are increasingly being detected in patients with Covid-19, especially children and adolescents, although some cases have also been detected in adults.

These are purple-colored lesions (very similar to those of chickenpox, measles or chilblains) that usually appear around the toes and that usually heal without leaving marks on the skin.

The Council of Podiatrists urges its Colleges and its members to be very vigilant because this may be a sign of COVID-19 detection that can help to avoid contagion.

The Council wants to convey a message of reassurance to parents and possible victims, given the benign nature of the lesions, and to remember that they should monitor the appearance of the other clinical symptoms characteristic of COVID-19, such as cough, fever, respiratory distress.

I mean that sounds like they’re pretty certain about it doesn’t it, although it’s kinda strange that no similar cases have been reported over here – or anywhere else – yet? Maybe it’s something to do with their Mediterranean diet or there’s just a separate strain of Coronavirus over there to the one that’s wreaking havoc over here. In ay case, probably makes sense to start checking your feet if you’re paranoid.

For more of the same, check out this information about Coronavirus mutations. Three separate strains apparently – great.


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