A Bunch Of Fashion Influencers Got Duped Into Paying $600 For $20 Shoes



One thing you’ve gotta love is when Instagram and social media famous influencers get exposed for being the absolute idiots that they are and Payless Shoe Source have hit the absolute gold jackpot with their latest marketing campaign where they trick a bunch of them into paying top dollar for their budget shoes.

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In case you haven’t heard of them Payless Shoe Source is exactly what I just implied it was – a budget shoe store over in the United States. To illustrate that their shoes are actually decent, they decided to set up a boutique shoe store in Santa Monica called Palessi – see what they did there? – and invite a bunch of influencers to the opening party and invite them to test out the shoes and well, you can guess what happens:

Yeah that is jokes that they got fooled so hard but I feel like Payless are kinda missing a trick here by not making the adverts longer. I guess these ads are going to air on TV but surely they need to bring out like a five minute version of all these morons talking about how they love the shoes and know so much about them and paying top dollar only to find out they’ve bought Payless. Hopefully that’ll come out in a couple of days but until then I guess just watch this one over and over again or something.

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