The Town Of Bulls In New Zealand Has The Worst Puns Ever On Its Signs

I can’t believe a whole town – or at least multiple members of the same town – would think that any of this was actually funny.

Over in New Zealand there’s actually a town that somebody for some reason decided to name Bulls. You might think that’s bad enough – seriously what the hell kind of name for a town is Bulls? It literally makes no sense – but it gets even worse when you see how the population of the town have embraced it and decided to try and make puns out of it on all the signs for all your regular commodities in the city.

Get a load of this and try not to cringe as you read them. I can’t really decide which is the most terrible because they all make me puke up a little bit in my mouth. I hope I never, ever have to visit Bulls under any circumstance.

☛ Better Bulls: Bull Charges Oblivious Tourist

Bulls 6

Bulls 8

Bulls 5

Bulls 9

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