A Bull Had Its Horns Set On Fire And Was Then Knifed To Death At Spanish Festival

Do people really want to see this?

People often laugh about the running of the bulls over in Spain and how fun it looks, but the fact of the matter is that bullfighting is actually celebrated in that country and it’s pretty goddamn barbaric how they treat those animals.

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Thankfully, people like Ricky Gervais are here to raise awareness of their plight and hopefully bring it to a stop. Gervais recently tweeted a link to a pretty distressing article in the Daily Mirror discussing a festival down in Eastern Spain known as La Vall d’Uixó, where a bull has metal braces fixed to its horns which are then set on fire.

The bulls are then released and run around in a panic whilst spectators kick them, throw stuff at them and have their tails grabbed before they’re eventually stabbed to death by whoever is in charge.

Yeah OK that is pretty grim behaviour, even before you hear that once the ‘fun’ is over the cow is taken to the back and swiftly stabbed to death, which isn’t even a particularly humane way to go. Marta Esteban of Animal Guardians said the following about the practice:

When they use adult bulls like these which have never been in a bullfight, the regulations say they must be taken to the slaughterhouse alive.

It is considered a ‘very serious infringement’ of the law not to do so.

But then we saw that they introduced the typical knife that it is used in traditional bullfights to give the bull the coup de grace.

Completely archaic behaviour and kinda hard to believe that stuff like this still goes on in supposedly civilised countries like Spain. Hopefully raising awareness will eventually cause the practice to stop, but it seems like we’re going to have to do a whole lot of campaigning before they realise that their dumb traditions are outdated and horrific. So it goes.

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