The Builder Who Destroyed The Travelodge Is Apparently A Drug User, Deadbeat Dad And Wife Beater

Digger Carnage


There’s been a lot of coverage of the builder who smashed a digger into the front of a Travelodge hotel this week after the video went viral earlier this week, with a lot of different stories swirling around and nobody really sure of the truth.

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The Sun reported earlier that the builder John Manley had actually been paid but just hadn’t checked his bank account before he went on his rampage, whereas The Liverpool Echo interviewed his cousin and offered a completely different story, saying that he hadn’t received any payment and had been seeking treatment for mental health issues for some time now. Contradicting all of this is an anonymous woman, who I think is the sister of Manley’s son’s mother according to a tip that was sent in by a Sick Chirpse reader.

Anyway she apparently posted the following on Facebook and encouraged people to share it to let everyone know ‘the truth’ about Manley:

Well, don’t hold back there Gill. I’m not really sure what to make of all this myself as everyone is already giving me loads of shit in the comments of every post I write about this about checking our facts (even more than usual, I know!),so I’m just saying this is what people are saying and leaving it for people to make their own minds up about him. The post was shareable at the time of publishing so it seems like this woman does have some relationship with John and wants this information to get out, but whether it’s the truth or not is anyone’s guess.

The same goes as to whether it will stay up or not in the future. There’s obviously a lot more to this story, but one thing’s for sure though – John Manley’s life definitely isn’t in the best place if he’s smashing up a Travelodge with a digger. Hope he manages to sort himself out, whatever his problems may be.

For more on this story, check out the original video of the digger smashing up the Travelodge right here. Really something else.


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