Buffy The Vampire Slayer Creator Joss Whedon Accused Of Toxic and Abusive Behaviour By Show’s Star

‘Joss Whedon was a vampire.’

‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ and ‘Angel’ are two of the most iconic television shows in history – considering the impact that they had around the eve of the millennium and in terms of representations of female empowerment in general – so it turns out that it’s really sad that creator Joss Whedon has turned out to be an abusive prick.

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Whedon’s ex wife accused him of a whole bunch of manipulative behaviours during their divorce a while ago, but that was before cancel culture really existed I think, so it kinda got swept under the carpet. There was some recent beef with Ray Fisher accusing Whedon of creating an abusive workplace during the filming of ‘Justice League’, but Warner Media recently concluded an investigation into his conduct and found that nothing untoward had taken place.

Fisher meanwhile, was fired from his role as Cyborg in the upcoming ‘The Flash’ movie. This prompted ‘Buffy’ and ‘Angel’ star Charisma Carpenter – you’ll remember her as Cordelia – to release the following statement about Whedon’s actions whilst she was filming both shows:

Yeah, that doesn’t sound too good for the guy does it and I don’t think in the current climate that there’s much he can do to get away from it. It will probably all depend on whether other members of the Buffy crew back him or condemn him, but again some of that behaviour is so trashy it wouldn’t surprise me if it was really going to come back and kick him in the ass now.

I remember it being really weird when Cordelia wasn’t in season five of Angel and now it really does make sense – she had just pissed off Joss Whedon for getting pregnant and so he had fired her. Well that doesn’t really make sense because it’s ridiculous behaviour, but I guess that’s the reason.

What an asshat. Fair play to Charisma for coming out and saying all this now, and especially getting the word vampire into her statement to describe Whedon. Must have been difficult for her to do that. The statement, not the vampire part obviously.

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