Buddy The Rescue Dog Playing Fetch With Himself Is The Best Video On The Internet

Living in the moment.

Normally, a game of fetch requires two players – a human and a dog. However thanks to this new device, dog owners can kick back while the dog has the time of its life all by itself.

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Allow Buddy the rescue dog to demonstrate how the GoDogGo self-launching balls machine works.

Watch below:

I don’t think anything sums up joy and happiness and living in the moment more than that excited hopping right before the ball launches each time. If that doesn’t make you smile then you might as well just quit life right now because it doesn’t get more heartwarming than that. Just disappointed the video isn’t 4 hours longer because I could probably watch Buddy fetch that ball all day.

Looks like Boomer – the man who lives his life as a dog – had the right idea all along.


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