Meet The Man Who Lives His Life As A Dog

Meet Gary Matthews – the man who lives his life as a dog named ‘Boomer’. He walks on all fours, barks out the window, eat food out of a bowl, chases cars and is happy to tell you about all of it.

47-year-old Gary Matthews is an unemployed IT technician from Pittsburgh who has chosen to live his life as alter ego ‘Boomer’ — a big, furry dog (well technically just Gary in a furry dog’s costume). When in Boomer mode, Gary walks on all fours, barks at the window, eats food out of a bowl and chases cars. No mention on if he shits in public but we’d guess he has no problem with that either.

The question is… is Gary Matthews crazy or is everyone else? Think about it — would you rather be a dog or a human? A typical human day involves getting up, going to work/school/uni, wasting time in traffic, more time in the office, then you’ve got to worry about essays/bills/food/money and your “future”. Know what my dog worries bout? Nothing. He sits around all day, sleeps, plays with his toys, gets petted and fed and then goes outside and takes a massive shit.

Well done Gary Matthews, you’re smarter than all of us.

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