K-Pop Mega Stars BTS Said The N-Word And Now Their Legions Of Fans Are Turning On Them

#btsareracistspace is trending on Twitter.

So #btsareracistspace is trending on Twitter for a couple reasons. Firstly, because the Korean bad boys apparently blanked R&B singer SZA at a Harry Styles concert, and secondly, because of an old clip of them gleefully rapping along to the N-word. Oh the humanity!

Of course neither of those of those things is necessarily racist, but then what about member Namjoon rocking cornrows and dreads in 2016? Highly offensive! Check out the pics below…

Namjoon isn’t the only BTS member begging for a Twitter mob beatdown. Get a load of Suga and Jimin (appropriating black and Native American… respectively?)…

Not to mention Jimin was “colourist” towards bandmate Jungkook. He called him “blackie”! Jungkook isn’t even black!

That’s not all. Get a load of the clips below!

What, that not racist enough for you? Well how about this… BTS photoshoot at a holocaust memorial! Yikes!

What else can you say really? If you want to believe that BTS are racist then this is all the “evidence” you need, and if you’re a BTS superfan then you’ll say these old clips and photos aren’t quite conclusive enough. Personally I would lean into the latter direction.

Also worth noting that BTS fans are suggesting that the word used in the original clip is the Korean ‘niga/nega’ which is the ‘you’ pronoun, but I’ve looked into it and they are indeed rapping along to the N-word in this particular footage. Does that necessarily make BTS racist? Well, you can decide that for yourself. Hit it!

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