Remember This Twat? He Just Got Arrested With His Trousers Round His Ankles

This guy just got the public humiliation of a lifetime.

A couple years back we asked whether you’d ever come across a bigger wannabe gangster dickhead than this dude before. The answer was a resounding “nope”.

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Well, looks like he’s still living the wannabe gangster life as 25-year-old Bryan Silva was arrested and charged with abduction and possession of a firearm on Sunday.

His arrest highlighted the dangers of having your jeans sagging too low — you won’t be able to pick them up back up when you’re in handcuffs:



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Police were responding to a call by an unnamed 17-year-old who said she was being held against her will. Nice one prick.

Police chief Tim Longo explains:

It was a domestic disturbance. A female caller said that she was threatened with a fire arm, we responded and began an investigation.’

Silva claims to be a bodybuilder, rapper and porn stars, and amassed quite a following online, though I think mostly for ironic reasons, as people couldn’t get enough of his cringe-worthy gangster talk.


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